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Web Design

Most of the companies trading in this business include in their company slogans the magic words “Professional Web Design”. So do we. But what we do extra is tell you, the customer, what these words really mean and then show it to you.
At Inwide Media, “professional web design” means speed, an experienced team and high visual impact.

We’re also very much aware of the fact that the Web changes. And it changes fast.
According to prestigious web technology studies, users can decide on the quality of a website layout in just one-twentieth of a second. So a website has only one chance to survive and bring revenue: To pass the “blink-of-an-eye” test. To do that, it has to bee good.
To achieve that needed “Wow!” effect, we are keeping ourselves up to date with all contemporary web design standards and technologies.    

Static Presentation Website
From €299+VAT

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Dynamic Presentation Website
From €499+VAT

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From €899+VAT

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Web design should also be easy to understand and to clearly reflect the nature of your business.
This is the area where a good relation between you, the client and us, the designers plays a vital role in achieving that satisfactory balance between looks and functionality. We are closely working with you to make sure your website is a continuation of your business identity and marketing strategy.

Our involvement in this process doesn’t stop when the website is finished. A website is like child. It needs to be fed and guided through the cumbersome ways of the internet. That’s why we’re are offering further advice and other post web development services such as Search Engine Optimization, Adwords campaigns etc.

So give us a call for free quotation and good word of advice for your brand new company website.


Useful tips before you start...

»Define The Purpose Of Your Web Site.
»Decide on your company visual identity or let   us help you create one.
»Think of a good compromise between your   target and your personal preference.
»Ask Questions.
»Give us a call for a FREE QUOTATION.


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