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Website Update & Maintenance

It is an old, well known saying that sais: “Knowledge is power”. The web is definetly the area where knowing as much as possible about your web business makes the difference by offering you the power to tweak it to success.
It may appear that the Internet is a free environment where web designers and developers can let loose their imagination and do anything they like. And that’s indeed the truth. With one little condition that some simply don’t want to take into consideration: In web design there are rules. And they have to be respected.

If you want to know if your site is done "by the book” you can ask our opinion, and will give you one that reflects all the today's industry rules and guidelines.

We can do a full audit of your website considering the following:

  • Accessibility to visitors
  • Search engine optimization
  • Code optimisation
  • Performance
  • Message communication
  • Visitor data acquisition

With a good audit report you can adjust your website, improve it, in a word, make it better and why not, the best out there.



web design | web development | e-commerce | content management systems | website update & maintenance | web audit
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